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The mission of the Cinnaminson School District is to educate our students and to assist their development into self-motivated, multi-faceted, happy and physically fit individuals who are productive, responsible citizens. It is expected that all students will achieve the Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels.

With national and state program standards as a basis,
Cinnaminson students will gain an appreciation of knowledge, a desire to learn, and a respect for themselves and others. In partnership with the family and the community, we will foster achievement and we will model excellence and responsible behavior.

Mr. Frank Goulburn
Assistant Principal:
Mr. Hamm Kolev
Director of Athletics & Activities:
Mr. Charles Liddell
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator:
Dr. Dolores Szymanski

Anti-Bullying Specialist:
Mr. Bill Sinn
HIB Grades 2014-2015
312 N. Forklanding Road
Cinnaminson, NJ  08077
Phone: 856-786-8012
Fax: 856-786-1860


Freedom Quilts  

Mrs. Raleigh’s Civics classes created “Freedom” Quilts with the help of Mrs. Bonnie Higgins, a retired teacher and grandmother of 8th grader, Ryan DeCesare.  Students started by identifying a freedom that is important to them.  The students then drew illustrations of the freedom on pieces of oak tag and transferred them to fabric using fabric markers.  In addition to providing the supplies, Mrs. Higgins generously sewed the fabric squares together to create the quilts.  They are currently hanging in room 214 providing a reminder to the students of the importance of protecting freedom as well as of their own creativity.

March 2016 Students of the Month 
Ali Kol    Matt Bundy    Hannah Shearer

and Faculty Member

of the Month,
Mr. Fourney


Daily Announcements

Announcements for May 2, 2016


1.      Today is day 1.

2.      6th grade flutes 1B will meet period 1; flutes 1A, period 10.

3.      6th grade strings, the Kim Rowe group, will meet period 10.

4.      Homework Club will not meet on Monday.

5.      CSS will meet in room 134 on Tuesday afternoon.

6.      The World Cultures Club will meet after school on Tuesday.

7.      Art Club will also meet Tuesday afternoon.

8.      If any student missed sign-ups for cross country, field hockey, or soccer, please see Mr. Liddell in the media center at this time. Please take a pen or pencil with you. 


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