The purpose of the CHS Service Award is to identify and recognize those students who give of their time and talent to help others without receiving financial compensation and thereby to encourage all community members to volunteer as well.

Service credit will be given for any approved activity involving service to a township, school or community. Those community service activities, which result in the receipt of financial compensation, are not eligible to receive community service hours. High school students in all grades should report their service hours to Mrs. McKinley and complete all necessary documentation.

Students who have a total of the following hours in four years will receive a Community Service Award:

100 Hours – 150 Hours – Bronze Pin 

151 Hours – 200 Hours – Silver Pin

201 Hours or More – Gold Pin

(Due to the program starting as of 9/1/2016 the Class of 2017 will need to complete a minimum of 25 hours, the Class of 2018 will need to complete a minimum of 50 hours, the Class of 2019 will need to complete a minimum of 75 hours, Graduating Class of 2020 will need to complete the full minimum of 100 hours.)

The following examples are described only to help clarify what activities are acceptable and unacceptable:

·        Attending Boy/Girl Scout meetings will not count, although participating in a community service activity will count.

·        Attending a church-sponsored youth retreat will not count, although helping to organize such a retreat will count.

·        Travel time to and from a service will not count.

·        Court assigned service will not count.

Any student wishing to be eligible for a Service Award must submit a properly completed Community Service Log. The Community Service Log must be completed by a teacher, advisor, or adult leader, attesting to the number of hours and the type of service given by that student.

The deadline to submit forms is May 1, 2017. Please submit the completed form(s) to Mrs. McKinley. 

Contact Information: and 856-829-7770 ext . 3809.

Log and tracking form is available by clicking here. 
For a list of possible volunteer opportunities click here.