This is a list of the current clubs, organizations, and activities offered to our students:
Student Government:
Student Council (Advisors Ms. Iaconelli, Mr. Perekupka)
Class of '17 Cabinet (Advisors Mrs. Carroll, Mr. McNamara) 
Class of '18 Cabinet (Advisors Mrs. Mulville, Mr. Meile)
Class of '19 Cabinet (Advisors Mrs. Alvarado, Mr. Becker)
Class of '20 Cabinet (Advisors Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Leetz) 
Clubs and Activities:
Adventure Fitness (Advisor Ms. Bart)
All State Band (Advisor Ms. Knisely)
Amaranth (Advisor Ms. O'Hearn)
Art Club (Advisor Ms. DePietro)
Battle of the Books (Advisor Mrs. Spier, Mr. Lombardo)
Buccaneer Yearbook (Advisor Mr. Iacono)
Chamber Choir (Advisor Mrs. Berger)
CinnaMentors (Advisors Mrs. Schweitzer)
Color Guard (Advisor Mr. Clancy)
Concert Band (Advisor Ms. Knisely)
Concert Choir (Advisor Mrs. Berger)
Dance Club (Advisor Mrs. McCool)
Debate Club (Advisor Mr. McGhee, Mr. Matz)
DECA (Advisor Mr. Repece)
Friends of Rachel Club (Advisor Ms. Gross and Ms. Bennett)
Future Education of America (Advisor Mrs. Leetz)
G-20 Summit (Advisor Mr. Becker)
Gay and Straight Alliance (Advisor Mr. Faltz)
Indoor Marching Band (Advisor Ms. Knisely)
Interact Club (Advisor Mrs. Hennelly, Mrs. Hyland)
Jazz Band (Advisor Ms. Knisely)
Marching Band (Advisor Ms. Knisely)
Marching Band Assistant Director (Advisor Mr. Clancy)
Marching Band Show Design (Advisor Ms. Knisely)
Math League (Advisor Mr. Merrill)
Mock Trial (Advisor Mr. Becker, Mr. Lombardo)
Model Senate Foreign Relation (Advisor Mr. Becker)
Multicultural Club (Advisor Mrs. Bougess)
National Honor Society (Advisors Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Fratto)
Percussion Ensemble (Advisor Ms. Knisely)
Physics Olympics (Advisor Mr. McConnell)
Pit Orchestra (Mr. Cook)
S.A.D.D. (Advisor Mr. Faltz)
Ships Log Newspaper (Advisor Mr. Kind)
Sources of Strength (Advisor Mr. Faltz)
Spring Musical Director (Advisor Mr. Biren)
Spring Musical Co-Producers (Advisor Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Schweitzer, Mrs. McCool, Mrs. Berger)
S.T.O.P. (Advisor TBA)
Student Athletic Trainer's Club (Advisor Mr. Cherwony "Chip")
Student Store (Advisor Mr. Repece)