Half Days at SAC
(SAC will be open until 6pm)
Tuesday March 14th
Tuesday March 21st  
 Wednesday March 22nd
Thursday March 23rd 
The Student Activity Center (SAC) is a tuition based before and after school program for students attending Cinnaminson Township Public Schools grades K through 5th. Also, SAC provides morning and afternoon Kindergarten sessions to extend the student's school day. SAC offers its students a wide variety of activities including Homework, Art, Computers, Physical Education, and numerous games. The main focus of the program revolves around the happiness, safety, and social integration of the children. Our many programs have been designed to develop the emotional, physical, social, and academic skills of our students. Our SAC staff, parents, and school officials may all be credited for the wonderful success SAC has enjoyed. SAC is located in Memorial School on 2195 Riverton Road. For more information please visit our Information page. Director of Student Activity Center: Arlene Lombardo.
Last Modified on February 28, 2017