2013 - 2014
ENROLLMENT:                    Pre K-12 enrollment as of September 30, 2013 is 2356


ORGANIZATION:                  School                                                                                   Enrollment                  Professional Staff


                                                New Albany Elementary (Pre K-2)                                          526                                     37

                                                2701 New Albany Road

                                                856 786-2284

                                                John Layden, Principal


                                                Eleanor Rush Intermediate School (3-5)                              534                                     48

                                                1200 Wynwood Drive

                                                856 829-7778

                                                Deborah Banecker, Principal


                                                Middle School (6-8)                                                                   577                                     60

                                                312 N. Forklanding Road

                                                856 786-8012

                                                Frank Goulburn, Principal

                                                Hermann Kolev, Assistant Principal


                                                High School (9-12)                                                                    720                                     70

                                                1197 Riverton Road

                                                856 829-7770

                                                Darlene Llewellyn, Principal

                                                Ryan Gorman, Assistant Principal

                                                James Weber, Assistant Principal/Director

                                                     of Athletics & Activities


                                               *Does not include Administrators, English as a Second Language, Child Study Team, and Central          
                                                Office staff.


ENTRANCE AGE:                Pre-Kindergarten - 4 years old on or before October 1 (tuition based program)
                                                Kindergarten - 5 years old on or before October 1                                      

                                                Grade 1 - 6 years old on or before October 1


CLASS SIZE:                        Pre-Kindergarten - maximum 15
                                                K-2 average 22; range 20-25
                                                Developmental K and Transitional 1st grade; range 10-12

                                                3-5 range 23-27

                                                6-12 Class sizes vary according to subject and grade level

                                                Special education classes are limited in size by law


Grades Pre K-2 - Students are placed in self contained, heterogeneously grouped classes with individualized academic programs based on the NJ Core Curriculum Standards.  Other academic support is given in the form of Project Challenge, an enrichment program for eligible students in 1st and 2nd grades, the Title I Program for students in need of remedial assistance in Reading and Math, the English as a Second Language program, and the Speech and Language program.  In Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades, classroom assistants work closely with the teachers to provide remediation and enrichment within the classrooms.  For students identified in need of special education in Pre K through grade 2, appropriate accommodations and supports are provided to implement their Individual Education Plan.  All students enjoy music, art, physical education, technology, and world language classes as well.  Instructional activities are enhanced through the use of technology in the classrooms, such as Smart Boards, and regular visits to the school library.  Parent/teacher communication is always encouraged. 


Grades 3-5 - Students may have two or more teachers per day.  Teachers provide individualized programs in all subject areas as needed.  In addition to traditional academic courses, students participate in art, computer instruction, health, physical education, world language, and music.  Remedial reading and math, speech, and English as a Second Language are available.  Students may be eligible to participate in Project Challenge, the gifted and talented program, as well as after school programs and clubs.  Instrumental music, strings, and chorus classes are provided.  Students have access to a Library/Media Center.  Home study is required and parent/teacher conferences are encouraged.


Grades 6-8 - Sixth, seventh and eighth grades are departmentalized utilizing a “house” plan.  In addition to traditional academic course offerings, world language (French and Spanish), computers, physical education and health, family/consumer science, music. theatre, and art are offered to all students.  Instrumental music, strings, guitar, chimes, and chorus are also available.  The multi-media center plays an integral role in learning activities.  A special program for gifted students (Project Challenge) is available.


Grades 9-12 - All grades have a comprehensive curriculum, including basic and accelerated programs.  Advanced placement courses are taught in a variety of subjects.  Courses are offered in computers and data processing.  A work/study program is available in marketing and business education.  The High School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges and the State of New Jersey.


Special Education - The Cinnaminson Child Study Team conducts evaluations to determine if children are in need of special education services.  Appropriate special education programming and related services to access education (such as speech/language therapy) are provided from preschool through 12th grade to children who have been classified, through an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Most educational programming and related services are provided in our schools.  Child Study Team can be contacted at 856 829-7600, Ext. 8-2880.


Extra-Curricular - Before and/or after school programs are available in all schools.  An especially wide variety of athletics and other activities are available for all students at the Middle and High Schools.


Student Activity Center - Child care program, before and after school, meets the needs of children whose parents work.  A variety of activities are provided for students in grades K-5 from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on school days.  Tuition is charged for participation in this program.  Program is housed in the Memorial School building at 2195 Riverton Road and can be contacted at 856 829-7600, Ext. 8-2141.


TESTING:                              If you have questions regarding student testing, please call 856 829-7600, Ext. 8-2105.


ORGANIZATIONS:               There is a combined Home and School Association for the elementary and
                                                intermediate schools.  The Middle and High Schools have their own Home and School


STUDENTS:                         Over 85% of graduates go on to some form of higher education (4 year colleges, 2
                                                year colleges, and vocational schools).  Scores on standardized achievement test are

                                                substantially higher than national, state, and county norms at all levels.  SAT scores for

                                                2013 were 490 verbal and 515 math.


PROFESSIONAL STAFF:   Median experience is 13 years; 52% have a Master’s degree or beyond.              


LUNCH PROGRAMS:         Hot lunches are provided at all schools.  Free and reduced price lunches are available
                                                under federal guidelines.


TRANSPORTATION:           Bus transportation is provided for children living more than ½ mile from the school they 
                                                attend.  Transportation Department can be reached at 856 829-8812.


MAINTENANCE:                   If you have questions or concerns regarding maintenance of the facilities and grounds,
                                                please call 856 829-7770, Ext. 126.


BOARD OF EDUCATION:  A nine-member elected Board meets in open session on the third Tuesday of each month

                                                at 7:30 p.m. in the Middle School, Room 120.  The public is encouraged to attend.

                                                For a listing of Board members please go to member directory.


ADMINISTRATION:              For a listing of Central Office Administrators go to Administrative Offices.

                                                The Administrative Offices are located at 2195 Riverton Road, P.O. Box 224,

                                                Cinnaminson, New Jersey 08077-0224, 856 829-7600.  For questions or concerns

                                                regarding Affirmative Action, please call 856 829-7600, Ext. 8-2104.


SCHOOL BUDGET:            The approved 2013-2014 budget total is $44,305,778.


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