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Physical Exam Policy and Forms


Dear Parent/Guardian, 
Due to a revision in NJ Administrative Code 6A, as of April 14, 2001, "physical exams shall be performed by each student's personal physician."
•    Your doctor is requested to send a report of his/her findings to the school on the district physical health appraisal form. The forms are available in each building from the nurse and on the district website (please see below).
•    The physical should be done within 365 days of the beginning of the school year.
•    Students participating in school sports must have a "sports physical" done and completed BEFORE they can practice. A sports physical can be done at anytime and is valid for 365 days.  Please see bottom of this page for sports physical form.
• For students without a family doctor/pediatrician, please contact the nurse's office for information regarding NJ Family care at 1-800-701- 0710 or
Physical Examinations are recommended for the following reasons: 
Entering Kindergarten 
Entering the Cinnaminson School District (new students) 
Participation on a school sports team 
Working Paper Applications 
Fourth grade students 
Eighth grade students 
Tenth grade students 
Cinnaminson Township School District Nurses 
****Please try to make the appointment with your personal physician as soon as possible due to the availability of appointments over the summer. 
REMINDER: EVERY child born on or before January 1, 1990 MUST 
1.    have 2 doses of measles vaccine after their first birthday. Any pupil vaccinated BEFORE their first birthday must be re-vaccinated.
2.    receive 3 doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine. Pupils may be granted provisional admission with documentation of having received at least on dose of the vaccine.

Private Physician Physical Form

This form is used for student in Grades K, 4, 8, and 10 and for new students entering the Cinnaminson School District:

NJ Sports Physical

For the 24-25 school year, there is a new sports physical form and procedure. Please carefully read page one of the packet below. This is the only Sport Physical form that will be accepted for students who want to participate in sports: